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HIGHLY RECOMMEND! From the very first intro call, my experience with Jessica has exceeded all of my expectations. I interviewed several coaches before making my selection but I knew within minutes while talking to her that she was the coach for me. I am so grateful that our paths crossed! Our conversations flow so easily and she wasted no time getting to the root cause of what I need to focus on to achieve the success I'm looking for. She has a natural gift to make you feel comfortable, important and valued. You'll feel like you are talking to a friend which helps to remove any resistance you might have to fully open up, identify your challenges, take action and achieve your goals. Add her name to the list of coaches you interview, you won't regret it.

Caren D.

Jessica is hands down THE BEST!!! She’s very easy to talk to and open up too. She gives great advice and really listens to you. She’s super knowledgeable, trustworthy, supportive, and positive. She’s incredibly professional and punctual. She’s been helping me regain my confidence and passion! I’m honestly so glad to have her in my corner! I’ve been learning so much even from our first meeting. She’s an amazing lifecoach!!! Did I also mention she has the warmest smile? 😁

Olu I.

I had an exceptional Career Coaching session with Jessica. I have read books regarding a career search and interpersonal communications in the work place before, however, Jessica took it to the next level. She intuitively understood my situation and provided excellent feedback and suggestions. Jessica was not afraid to challenge me either. Sometimes you need an objective opinion, someone that has heard other people's concerns.

Gianni L.

If you are looking for a life coach/couple counselor you have found her! I’m so happy that I stumbled across Jess. In just a few sessions she has been a huge help. She is knowledgeable and non-judge mental. Would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for some extra help!

Victoria J.

Jessica has been absolutely wonderful in helping me find a new career path! I have been trying to find a new career to pursue and she has helped figure out what I’m passionate about, as well as help me with my resume, LinkedIn, etc. I would highly recommend Jessica, she has helped me so much! I look forward to continuing to work together!!

Emily M.

Jessica is amazing. She has helped me through so much during this time of uncertainty. I highly recommend her coaching and counseling services.

Katherine W.

Jessica is amazing! She helped me get through one of the toughest times of my life, and she did it with empathy, compassion and care. Jessica was able to provide me with life direction during a time that I really needed it, and to this day, I don't know where I would be without her support and guidance. She has helped me to see things through a different lens and brought a new perspective to my life that has helped me in so many ways. Jessica is someone that is easy to talk to and will treat you like family, I felt an instant connection with her after our first conversation. She truly will give it her all to help you in whatever way she can. I am so grateful to have used her services, and consider her not only a Life Coach, but also a friend. I highly recommend using Jessica as a Life Coach, you will not be sorry!

Lauren M.

Have you ever met someone and youknew they were meant to be in your life? That is how I felt about Jessica after our first meeting. I was referred to her by a mutual contact, who didnt know I was looking for a coach, a beautiful divine intervention. I was feeling really lost after a series of unanticipated events moved me across the country. Jessica helped me sort through things and find some order in the chaos of my mind. She has been my rock over the past year, and not only did she give me hope and encouragement to move forward, she gave me tools to take action. I am so grateful she was brought into my life and I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for support on your journey, whether love, career, or self- improvement, no matter what that may be, Jessica will give you that safe place for positive change.

Erinn S.

Let me start off by saying I don’t put out reviews very often but this one I felt I must share my experience ! I have had one session with Jessica so far and I know you may be saying, well that’s not enough to review. Well let me explain , Jessica was punctual , professional, kind, attentive to my thoughts and concerns and in one session, offered me several ways to handle my current issues and hopefully through more continued therapy will build on those techniques . That’s a therapist you want to have ! Someone not judging you, but listening and offering thoughts and helpful ways to help me in a genuine caring way! I look forward to meeting again to continue to strengthen my relationship, thank you Jessica!

Lori P.

Jessica's level of professionalism, knowledge and passion for helping others is unparalleled. She is supportive and empathetic while providing valuable insight and perspective. She is extremely knowledgeable about physical, mental and spiritual health, and has an amazing ability to make anyone feel comfortable to speak their mind honestly and openly. Her guidance has helped me in all aspects of my life, and her advice has helped me personally and professionally. She is truly the best at what she does.

Carey S.

We started marriage counseling a few weeks ago and have been extremely happy with the experience. We feel like Jessica listens and is able to verbalize everything in a way that is constructive and helpful for what we are trying to accomplish. The communication is so easy and she is very warm and welcoming. We could not be happier with the choice we made to let her in and help us get through a difficult time.

Julia S.

Jessica is working with us to help motivate my son to seek employment and a couple of other issues. It's a process so it may take awhile to change many old behaviors. But Jessica is so far very helpful. She is direct but pleasant and extremely accessible. The best thing is she is committed to the process regardless of how much push back she gets, and has a keen insight into issues I believe are at the heart of what's going on with my son. If you're open to make changes to habits that are holding you back, I recommend Jessica highly!

Jessica B.

Jessica is creative, professional, approachable, and easy to work with. She not only asks great questions, but really listens. I would highly recommend her!

Shoshana M.

I have had the opportunity to work with Jessica Rae in a variety of professional settings. As coworkers on a multi-million-dollar federal health project impacting over 1 million clinicians, we collaborated with clients and developers to streamline product management processes, align policy goals with program design, and build consensus among diverse stakeholders. As her teammate, I observed Jessica Rae improve our work product quality and contribute to a positive, team-building environment through her professionalism, consulting acumen, entrepreneurial experience, and educational expertise in psychotherapy. As a supplement to her client work, Jessica Rae also leads an employee wellness committee to educate coworkers on physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and to promote healthier habits and relationships. In addition to my employment experience with Jessica Rae, I have sought guidance and counseling from her to navigate challenges across family, friendship, and personal matters. As a counselor, she has genuinely listened to my concerns, always responded to me within a reasonable timeframe to discuss personal issues, offered me valuable advice based on her academic expertise and business experience, and consistently exhibited a calm, sensitive, and professional demeanor. Jessica Rae combines her diverse skillsets in psychotherapy, family therapy, and healthcare business development to provide unique, effective, and holistic counseling services to anyone seeking clarity and fulfillment in their relationships, with themselves and others.

Kate F.

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