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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me a Match!

Ok, well I’m not a matchmaker, well not yet.  But I do know some amazing people so you never know! Joking aside, I assume since you are reading this you are tired of navigating the treacherous waters of dating.  But have no fear, Jessica Rae is here!  As a renowned dating coach, expert, and consultant, (and yes, I have been on many, many dates in my life!), I specialize in providing personalized guidance to men and women who want to enhance their dating skills and find meaningful connections. With years of experience in the field, I have helped countless individuals overcome their dating obstacles and achieve success in their romantic lives.

Let's talk dating apps: bathroom selfies, dead fish pictures, duck faces, pictures with ex's faces blurred out... this is a no no no no no. This may be the BIG reason you aren't having much luck in this spectacular swiping world. I can assure you a few fixes to that profile of yours can make a huge difference.  And yes, I will write your dating profile for you (as long as I get invited to the wedding!! :)) but I will make sure it is authentic and captures the true essence of who you are. 


Dating apps have caused some serious societal issues in dating these days but sometimes I am in utter shock when I ask my clients “Well, what did you talk about during your date? What types of questions did you ask?” And what I hear sometimes is (cough)… cringeworthy. Yes, dating is hard, but don’t make it harder by sabotaging a potentially good match with inappropriate questions, poor planning, lazy appearance and bad etiquette.

Let’s chat. I can guarantee I can elevate your dating game and help you help yourself attract what you are looking for.

Professional Dating Coach
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