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Jessica Rae

Lifestyle Consultant

I am passionate about helping women and men regain their power and lifestyle after stressful life events, difficult break ups, tumultuous relationships, messy divorce, and abusive partnerships. My goal is to help all my clients holistically from the inside out to feel powerful, attractive, independent and balanced. I have my master's in Psychotherapy/Marriage and Family Therapy and specialize in emotional healing, spiritual awareness, reframing, wardrobe and beauty consulting, career consulting, dating consulting and general guidance. My knowledge comes from my education and academic training as well as professional and many personal experiences.  In addition, I am trained as a Past Life Regression Therapist as well as a spiritual healer and certified by the Gottman Institute in treating affairs and trauma. This combination has served me with resources and advice that I know can and will help my clients, flourish, love and be loved again.

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