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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Relationship Management is one of the most popular and successful coaching services I provide and the one I am personally most passionate about. These sessions are based on the knowledge, personal experience and strategies I have developed over my many years serving others.  I take a sensitive yet direct approach while working with my clients, as this has proven most effective during my coaching experience. Dealing with infidelity or the aftermath of infidelity? I personally know how painful this can be and how it can destroy our souls if we allow it. My personal experience allowed me to develop the tools, techniques and strategies to overcome this drenching pain and it is my honor to help those that are currently suffering. Whether you have chosen to stay or leave, I know I can help you through this healing process. 

Meditation by the Sea

You Are Worth It

My belief is if we can change our internal dialogue, an amazing shift can happen to our presence, how we show up in life, and the energy we give out into the world. If we can let go of the destructive, energetic bonds we have to our trauma and pain while still honoring our story, we can begin to heal, prosper and thrive. Don’t get me wrong... this is not an easy process. It takes a tremendous amount of tenacity, discipline and desire. When we silence our stories we give them power and create dreadful shame. So this is where I come in.... I create a safe and non judgmental space for you to share your story, release it, dilute its power and start to heal. You deserve to be happy. You are worth it.

Sat on the Rocks

We All Have A Reservoir of Untapped Potential

In a past life, I spent many years as a Consultant working with CEOs, CIOs, VPs and Executives managing and staffing high visibility projects at Fortune 100-500 companies. I gained a keen insight on the hard and soft skills these leaders and companies are seeking and have taken this knowledge to create an effective and efficient process to help my clients land a career they are passionate about in the fastest way possible.

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"You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens"- Rumi

Sick of swiping? Tired of the duck faces and gym selfies? Let's chat about why you aren't meeting the right partner and what we can do to change that. Rejection can be tough but it's unfortunately inevitable in today's dating world.  Let's not allow this to pull you down!  I can teach you how to turn this feeling into productivity and to reframe rejection into something positive. Oh, and just a side note,"ghosting" is never ok! So if dating is frustrating to you or you’re gaining little to no traction, I can help!

Helping Hand

Get the Most out of Life

Many parents contact me hoping I can help motivate their young adult child who have either not found their path in life or have little to no motivation. I have curated a proven and effective strategy to teach accountability as well as discipline and responsibility. Accepting laziness or lack of motivation not only enables those already struggling with motivation but it also disables them. Let's not let that happen, I can help!

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